Shane’s 1997 GMC Sonoma – Truck Story


Here is a nice little blue 1997 GMC Sonoma, sitting on staggered 18/20” Foose Legend wheels that belongs to Shane from Alberta, Canada.

I had pleasure of asking Shane some questions about his truck and he was nice enough to give us more info that you can read through below the photos on this page.

Please leave comments if you have any questions about this truck and I will try to get you the answers from Shane.

You can also follow Shane on Instagram @Shane_t90

1997 GMC Sonoma

Truck Information

  1. Q: What wheels does your truck have?
    A: Staggered 18/20” Foose Legend wheels
  2. Q: What color is it? Is it a custom paint job? Do you have the color code(s)?
    Custom Light Blue Metallic
  3. Q: What stereo system do you have installed?
    A: Full Alpine system with 3 x 12” Alpine Type R subs in the box with a blow-through into cab, 4 Alpine Amps, Alpine Type R door speakers with Alpine Tweeters
  4. Q: Did you restore/replace/lsswap the engine/trans? If so, what do you have in it?
    A: Stock Engine and Transmission 2.2L / 5 Speed manual
  5. Q: What did you have to repair or improve on the stock truck?
    A: Full air ride
  6. Q: What did you customize or modify from stock?
    A: Suspension, Paint, Roll pan, Stereo, Lights, Bed Cover
  7. Q: Why did you choose an S10? Is there a story?
    A: Like the look of them
  8. Q: When/how did you get your truck?
    A: Bought it online
  9. Q: How long have you been working on it?
    A: About a year (in November of 2018)
  10. Q: What was your priorities in terms of what mods/improvements came first
    A: Air ride / Wheels
  11. Q: How did you choose the color
    A: Similar to factory just more metallic
  12. Q: How much money have you spent on your truck so far?
    A: Don’t want to think about it haha
  13. Q: If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?
    A: Spend more on the air setup but that will come soon
  14. Q: What, if anything, are you planning to do to it in the future?
    A: Change air setup to Accuair, Change color of wheels
  15. Q: Are you thinking about doing another (non S10) project?
    A: Yes, I want to build either another bagged truck or car
  16. Q: Have you taken your truck to any shows?
    A: Took it to 8 car show this year alone, one was a 710km (441 miles) round trip
  17. Q: Are you planning to be at a show in the near future? If so, which one/where
    A: Not until spring, winter in Canada lasts way too long


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