Fresh Start of a new Chevy S10 Project


After messing with the original S10 I bought for about a year, I decided I want to bag and body it… Sadly, the truck I bought was a 4×4 which means the front has axles in it and I can’t put airbags there. This past summer I decided to sell it and buy a 2 wheel drive S10.

It took me several months to find the one I liked. Except it wasn’t an S10 but a GMC Sonoma, a 1993. It is perfect. All power, even got a digital dash and a Vortec engine. I have some 20″ wheels left from the old truck that I didn’t even have a chance to put on. Unfortunately they are 30+ offset and need spacers.

I purchased some 1.25″ spacers from Amazon and found out that their inner hubcentric lip was hitting the front hubs, so I couldn’t get them all the way back to the rotors. I ended up returning them and ordering 2″ ones. They have not arrived yet so I am holding my breath for them to fit over the hubs. Will let you know how that goes.

For now enjoy some photos of the new truck.

And here is a rendering what it may look like in the near future if I don’t decide to dire right into bagging it. I thought I would lower it and paint it for starters and enjoy it like that for a bit while I gather the funds and parts for the bagging project.


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