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Note: The S10's featured on this website are gathered from all over the Internet and are presented to you for your enjoyment. Valik is the curator of these awesome little trucks on this website. He has been a fan of Chevy S10 Pickups since his high school years back in 1996. He has all kinds of plans and dreams for it but being a teenager with no money it was hard to customize the truck. Life continued, and now in his "mid-life crisis years" it is time to realize this dream. Valik started the process on getting an S10 and customizing it to what he always wanted. In the mean time, as he looks for the perfect donor as his donor truck waits for the summer to start work on it, he spends his available time looking at other people's S10's and making plans and doing research. All the inspiration he finds, he posts on his instagram @s10spotter, facebook @s10spotter and this website s10spotter.com.

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