Air Bagging the S10 – Parts and Step By Step Process

This document is constantly being updated. As I work on my truck I will be updating it with the latest tips and instructions. Updated 02/08/20

Air-bagging my S10 is a major undertaking, and I have thought about it for a long time – over a year to be exact. I went back and forth on what components to use and how to do the 4-link. I’ve watched many youtube videos of other trucks and got ideas from them.

On this page I am going to lay out my plan and collect my thoughts on this so I can have a clear direction instead of a million ideas and thoughts in my head. You are welcome to follow along with me if you like.

The components I mention here does not mean that I am going to use that exact component, but more to illustrate what I need and what will work for what I am trying to do. I say this because I know my self and know that at the last minute I may come up with some weird idea and change direction.

So to begin this process, I will need to order all the components. I want to have all the parts at hand before I dive in. Here is the list of parts I will need:

The Components List

s10spotter - airbag installation s10 4-link kitTriangulated 4 Link Suspension Kit
This will attach the rear wheels to the frame after the leaf springs are removed. This will require welding and fabrication skills.
How it works:

s10spotter - airbag installation s10 front bracketsFront airbag brackets
These brackets will contain the airbags where the spring used to be. There will need to be some modifications done to the frame and control arms.

s10spotter - airbag installation s10 airbagsAirbags: Cheaper Airmaxx Airbags or better Slam Specialties Airbags
The cheaper airbags will work but I hear the rubber goes bad on them quicker than the better quality ones. I hear good things about Slam Specialties bags. I’ll be getting the better ones.

s10spotter - airbag installation s10 compressor kitCompressor Kit
This kit has all you need to pump up the tank and have air for the bags. These components can be acquired separately or as a kit like this. Having 2 compressors will keep the tank filled while you’re hittin’ da switches. Having 2 tanks would also be better.

s10spotter - airbag installation s10 control kitAirbag Suspension Control Kit
This will control the airflow into the bags. There are a million ways to do this so this is just an example of what I will need. Valve manifold type setup will be better because you can keep it all in one place, near the tanks. Separate valves are just too messy, I don’t like it. I also like the controller to be hand held instead of buttons on the dash cluster.

s10spotter - airbag installation s10 magnetic digital levelMagnetic Digital Level
I’ll need this little level to keep things straight and level while fabricating the suspension parts and to keep the driveline a the correct angle.


The Build

I have not started work on this yet. The truck is in hibernation over the winter. I will begin this work in the Summer of 2020. Please check back then.